Students from School of Engineering of TTU gain first-hand experience in scientific research projects

Scientific research is regarded as one of the key and crucial activities for universities worldwide generally and in Vietnam particularly. Currently, Vietnamese students have little opportunity to participate in real scientific research, especially in international research projects. It is the big disadvantage for young people, particularly given the current shortage of skilled labor in Vietnam for technical and applied science fields. Recognizing such urgent necessity, Tan Tao University constantly sets the target of educating and training professional and experienced human resource. Students' direct involvement in scientific research projects will not only help them to explore deeper knowledge but also achieve practical experience during the implementation and from experienced lecturers and researchers.

The SEAWEED project is one of the first projects with the active involvement of TTU's students. SEAWEED, which stands for Self-Efficient, Adaptable Wave Energy Extraction Device, is designed to be self-efficient and capable to be deployed for several months before requiring a maintenance check-up. SEAWEED has the potential of hosting an array of sensors to collect ocean data (e.g., wave activity, water quality, temperature, current, etc.) and to convert the energy collected to generate electricity. The primary purpose of this device is to provide basic electrical needs for people living in underdeveloped and remote coastal communities in Vietnam and around the world.

Technical team during the trial of the first-version SEAWEED device in Tan Thanh, Tien Giang Province.

The SEAWEED project is under the management of the Renewable Energy Laboratory of TTU. SEAWEED is one of the three research projects belonging to Vietnamese universities, sponsored by USAID of the US Government through the Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) program in 2013.

After the first year of operation (July 2014), SEAWEED has become highly appreciated by USAID. Assuming the role of volunteers and research assistants, TTU's students have contributed greatly to the success of the project. Taking part in the project, they have had the chance to practice mechanic and electronic fabrication, as well as PR activities and management activities in the context of a real research project.

Experiment of students from School of Engineering during the 2015 admissions counseling program

Students Dao Minh Hung, Le Quoc Khanh, Le Dinh Dam, Nguyen Trong Tue from TTU's School of Engineering have participated in the project in the role of technical assistants.

Lately, Le Quoc Khanh and Le Dinh Dam were two of 200 outstanding students selected to attend Vietnam Summer School of Science held in Hanoi from August 20 to 22, 2014. All selected participants were required to have excellent academic performance and achievements in scientific research.

As technical assistants, students from School of Engineering have involved in design of four versions of SEAWEED, and direct testing in the coast of Tan Thanh Commune, Go Cong District, Tien Giang Province and in Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh City.