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Some visualization techniques for the exploration of web data with geospace and time
20.12.2013 - 20.12.2013
TTU Auditorium -


Seminar of Dr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen (University of Information Technology)

Today, a great amount of data is constantly provided on the World Wide Web. In that regard, visualizations to support everyday users to explore Web data is of special interest. This can be considered in terms of Casual Information Visualization research. While there exist works in that research area focusing on the questions about aesthetics, design, and the contexts of usage, it is still the challenge to investigate casual visualizations in terms of the characteristics of the data as well as their different perspectives. This work therefore takes that challenge into account in terms of studying how the diverse data on the Web which are familiar to everyone can be visualized, and focusing on the visualizations of those data linking with geospace and time.

The ideas are presented through some developed techniques: interactively browsing large amount of tags linking with geospace and time, navigating and locating spatiotemporal photos or videos in collections, and especially, providing visual supports for the exploration of diverse Web contents on arbitrary webpages in terms of augmented Web browsing.


TTU Auditorium


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