Anh Tho took part in Asian Science Camp 2012, Jerusalem, Israel

Anh Tho, TTU's student was invited to join Asian Science Camp 2012 held in Jerusalem, Israel in August from 26th to 31th. It is such a pride that in the whole South Area, only one student was chosen, it is Anh Tho from Tan Tao Unviversity. The other four candidates are Vu Thai Ha, Le Minh Phuong, Chu Thi Thu Hien from Ha Noi; Nguyen Van Linh from Hue.

Asian Science Camps aims at enlightening science talented youths through discussion and dialogue with top scholars in the world, and to promote international friendship and cooperation among the best young students of the next generation in Asia, Australia and Oceania. The Asian Science Camp invites about ten Nobel Laureates or world-distinguished scientists as speakers and devise an interesting program to attract the participants. The program includes plenary sessions, round table discussions, student master dialogues, a creative poster competition, social events and excursion.

tho 2Ms. Huynh Anh Tho

The reason, which motivated Anh Tho to achieve this success, is her family's support; they encouraged her to learn and foster passion. The two other people who play an important role in Anh Tho's success are Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung and Dr. Tran Viet Nhan Hao. Tho is proud of being one of their first students, learning and working at physics laboratory. Thanks to their experiences, Tho was trained learning, researching and living skill. In addition, they are willing to listen and share learning experiences with students. Their introduction letter about Anh Tho was the key for acceptance.

The curriculum mainly in English and foreign famous faculty help Tho to be familiar with international learning environment. After one year learning, she found the differences between TTU and other Vietnamese universities, especially in living condition and teaching methods such as creative and critical thinking, life-long learning, personal integrity and civic responsibility, and leadership. TTU's policies motivate students to learn, especially with poor but talented students. Moreover, TTU often invites scholars from famous universities to come to talk with students; help them to enhance knowledge from many other science fields.

Anh Tho loves science when she was a child, she always questions herself about scientific matters. However, she did not have the female model for science, TTU helped her finding what she really wanted to do. In Tho's opinion:” Many Vietnamese students choose to learn business because they think it makes money. In fact, basic science and technologies is the key for prosperity of our country. I would like to help the youth to foster passion in science in the future. Viet Nam needs many labors in science, technology, power and environment”.

Anh Tho also interests in playing piano, swimming, reading books about philosophy and origin of universe, listening to classical music. She also said that:” Science is very interesting, stimulate brain. Exploring the nature of matter challenges our patience. It is hard work, but if you have real passion, you will overcome all challenges”.

Anh Tho was highly appreciated Asian Science Camp for many wonderful experiences that keep her passion in science.